Established identification devices provider elevates their chief IoT offering with a spot-on solution combining mobile and web.

An established American international enterprise that is a global leader in identification devices solutions. The company has a strong focus on the healthcare industry. The world’s leading hospitals use the company’s wristbands, labels, and medical records and imaging products.


The company works with large hospitals that have high patient load and use very expensive equipment. They needed to ensure that any piece of equipment or other hospital asset can be found quickly. Upon locating the required asset, a hospital’s employee might also find it needs maintenance before they can use it again.


The company’s existing hospital solution has an ecosystem of interconnected devices: a wand to locate a unit by its RFID tag, a reader that detects assets at a given location, a dedicated RFID tag scanner, as a well a printer for these tags. We developed an Android app that became a part of the ecosystem as an auxiliary tool ensuring accurate asset management. On top of that, we created a web portal where all the unit-related information can be tracked, including history and asset list, description, and status. Additionally, the employees can create custom barcode templates for the assets.


Our solution helped to establish a reliable Internet of Things ecosystem where every device can be located easily and quickly. The solution streamlined the workflows of the company’s clients, ensuring that any asset is delivered to the right location at the right time.