A unique mobile ecosystem that helps users diagnose health issues with the power of Artificial Intelligence and social networking.


The client had a vision of a platform that offers a new way to approach health and well-being with the latest tech. Intellectsoft needed to bring the vision to life, translating it into a mobile ecosystem.


After a series of productive workshops, the platform came to life in a vibrant iOS application that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms and social networking to help a user diagnose medical conditions and find a remedy. The user can describe their health issue to the integrated AI adviser, which collects and analyses the user data and asks questions to offer a treatment. Another way is getting advice from other users and medical experts in the custom in-built social network.


XMed helps users tackle health issues in a fresh, familiar, and less stressful way. The carefully thought-out flow of the app ensures the user’s issue is eventually resolved. Meanwhile, the eye-pleasing design, rich animations, and gamification with a leveling up system and many achievements facilitate the experience while also providing a pleasant distraction until the search for the cure is over.