A Californian vending machine manufacturer elevates their IoT solution, ensuring they provide offices in the US with top of the line catering 24/7.

The company is a tech minded vending machine and refrigerator manufacturer from California. They offer high quality food from local brands and for any budget, delivering it to smart fridges that were created by the company for offices of any size.


The company tasked our team with elevating the cornerstone of their smart fridge solution — the tablet app. First, it needed to become significantly more user-friendly. Second, the app needed to have smooth integration with peripheral devices in the fridges’ IoT ecosystem, like card readers and RFID antennas.


After a rigorous research stage, our team improved the Android tablet app with a unique user interface and custom content delivery system. The solution includes remote monitoring of the devices in the fridges’ IoT ecosystem and over-the-air updates for OS and all other involved apps. Relying on RFID technology and streamlined app design, the user experience is absolutely frictionless — you only need to chooses an item, swipes your card, and take the desired product out of the fridge. The app has no third-party software, which further improves the new UX by making it faster.


Our solution became a reliable foundation for the company’s business, allowing them to expand it, acquire more clients, and get rave reviews.